About Our Natural Products

Natural Skin Care Products.
All natural and nourishing, our products DO NOT contain mineral oil, propylene glycol or sodium laureth sulfates. We use only high quality, cold pressed and/or organic oils and butters and a preservative system that is paraben and formaldehyde free.

The challenge of learning and formulating great natural products has been so much fun.

I love the rich moisture, smooth feeling and healthy glowing skin.

My product is truly GOOD for you.

Sunshea Baby Products.
As natural as your love, formulated for delicate new skin, our all natural formulas are gentle and moisturizing and are free from harmful chemicals such as paraben, phalates and formaldehyde. We use only 100% pure steam distilled essential oils for fragrance.

Hair Care Products.
Super rich and conditioning formulas for all types of hair;

Shampoo and Body Bars are a conditioning shampoo in a solid bar that clean hair & skin naturally, without stripping away natural protective oil.

Herbal Vinegar Rinse & Herbal Hair Oil were created to balance scalp PH, condition, strengthen and moisturize.

Our Hair Conditioner is formulated for use with Sunshea Shampoo Bars, to give your hair an extra dose of moisture and make it more controllable.

Swell Art/Sandstone Originals: Inspired by Barrier style Indian drawings and Kokopelli.
Hand etched or painted on original sandstone from the San Raphael Swell in Utah.

Tips for natural products:
Please keep your lotion in an even environment, it will separate if you leave it in extreme heat (Like your car in the summer) or cold.

Your natural bar soap needs to drain well, or it will turn to GOOP. Keep it in a soap dish and away from the shower spray.