Your pit stick and baby lotion are my new favorite skincare products!!! I got them at the Logan Gift Show. I love smelling like citrus! Thanks for making such high quality products!

Dawna a FB fan.

I love the way Tingle Toes goes on. No mess. Usually I use vasaline on my feet and its messy. Nice product!

Wendy-Farmington Utah

Your “Pit Stick” passes the– I’ve been cleaning in a hot house– in July– scrubbing everything all day test!! AND… it smells so good that last Sunday I may or may not have rubbed it all over and wore it as perfume! Seriously– it smells wonderful!!!!

Kymberly Lawrence

In my opinion Tingle Toes is a fantastic product! I wear sandals all summer long and my feet are always dry and they are usually cracked in a place or two.
I have tried many different products over the years but they only gave temporary relief at best. Then I tried Tingel Toes and within two weeks I could see a difference in my feet, most of the cracks on my toes and heels were healed and my feet were much softer.
I have now been using Tingle Toes for 6 weeks and the condition of my feet just continues to improve. I also like the Tingle Toes dispenser, it’s easy to use and I don’t get the
product all over my hands when applying to my feet.

Petra-Newton Utah